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What is the Skira Club?

The Skira brand was founded in the 1930s, and since then it has become the very symbol of art and the most elegant quality publications.

The new Skira not only publishes books, but is also engaged in creating exhibitions and opening specialized museum bookshops. This has allowed the publishing house to have a direct relationship with its audience, while being updated on preferences, comments and passions. In 2002, the Skira Club was born. Right from the start, this project’s goal has been to gather together the publishing house’s most loyal readers and offer them exclusive, privileged opportunities.

In short, the red card, which was the name of the first Skira Card, has become a kind of symbol of participation and affection for the world of grand art.

The small core of members and professionals who have joined at Skira exhibitions and bookshops has become an art community that today boasts 55.000 members. The club is now a place where information, comments and opinions are exchanged, and is an exclusive way for our members to enjoy an entire series of opportunities, from purchasing publications and merchandising to favourable terms, plus discounted admissions with special lines at exhibitions.

Many other prestigious professionals in the sector have forged partnerships with Skira Club for an exchange of exclusive opportunities, targeted offers and much more...

Today, for lovers of art, photography, architecture, design, fashion and visual culture in general as well as readers of fiction and essays of great sophistication, the Skira Card is an indispensable companion.

With the Skira Card bring Grand Art at your home.

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15% discount on Skira books and catalogues;
100 free welcome points: for each purchase at or at Skira bookshops, earn points that can be used to request publications for sale online. Choose from thousands of titles present in our catalogue;
privileged access to Skira events and exhibitions;
presentation invites;
exclusive deals with our partners in the art and culture sector.

Skira Club

Special deals for Skira Club members

  • Skira Club members have discounted admission to the Vigna di Leonardo in the Casa degli Atellani.

  • Skira Club members are entitled to special discounts (up to 70%) on performances. Learn more about promotions by visiting the theatre website!

  • For Skira Club members, 15% off all products sold at La Scala Shop: books, CDs, DVDs and merchandising.

  • 20% discount on FAI heritage admission, open to the general public (discount not applicable on exhibitions or events), upon presenting the Skira Club red card.

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